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How To Reset All Post Ids In Wordpress

How to reset all post IDs in WordPress

If you’re like me then occasionally you might come across an instance where you are doing a lot of post imports in WordPress while doing some testing. When this happens each imported post increases the post ID increment. After you get all the issues resolved

How To Switch To The Classic Editor In Wordpress

How to switch to the classic editor in WordPress

Having a hard time adjusting to the Block Editor (formerly known as Gutenberg) and want to switch back to the classic editor? You’re not alone, so far more than 5 million WordPress installations installed a simple solution to do the same thing. While I recommend

Top Wordpress Plugins For 2020

Top WordPress Plugins for 2020

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the internet, and it’s no wonder when you consider how easy to use and extendible it is. With a little proper planning you can ensure you have a fast, reliable, and secure website packed with all the functionality

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website – Tips & Tools

Having a successful website can be hard, but keeping that website up and running is even harder. Behind every successful website are happy and satisfied users. However, there are many factors that go into ensuring that your users are having the best experience. One of