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How to Make Your Blog More Readable

Six Quick Hacks to Make Your Blog More Readable

You’ve crafted a massive post, full of detailed research and game-changing information. Your forehead breaks out in a cold sweat as your trembling finger reaches for the publish button. You quickly wipe your brow and take a deep breath… your post goes live. What happens

keyword research tips

4 Tenets of Effective Keyword Selection

The first and most critical step to an effective small business SEO campaign is choosing the right keywords to target. Over and over, I consult with business owners who choose keywords that are too competitive, too vague, or too small. Choosing the right keywords is

most popular social media sites

The Most Popular Social Media Sites

Social networks are impossible to escape. Odds are that anyone you meet has a profile on at least one social network, and probably more. Much of our leisure time spent on the Internet is used by checking social networking sites, and this is where many

hotel internet marketing

5 Hotel Internet Marketing Trends

Video One of the things people most want to see when they come to a hotel’s website is how everything looks — what the rooms like, how the grounds look, what kinds of view they can expect. Rather than simply showing pictures, why not create

DMOZ seo

Does DMOZ still have a role in SEO?

I’ve been an editor at Dmoz since 2000, and there is a lot of good and bad information and incorrect information on the internet. Now, DMOZ is generally pretty closed mouth about itself, but I’m going to try and address a few things to help