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free html email signature generator

Free Modern HTML Email Signature Generators

Putting together a professional email signature can be a chore so I put together a short list of the best online to help you save time. HubSpot – Free Email Signature Template Generator Featuring multiple contact information fields, images, social links, custom CTAs, and a

Free Open Source Bug Issues Trackers

Free & Open Source Bug & Issues Trackers

Keeping track of issues and bugs when you’re doing web design or web development on a new site is a vital part of the process. However a lot of project management tools don’t have a nice actionable way to work through the issues, and who

grav modern flat file cms

Free Modern & Open Source Flat-File CMS Platforms

What is a flat-file CMS? First of all, you might wonder what exactly a flat-file CMS is? To put it simply it’s a CMS that doesn’t use a database like most CMS systems such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla do. Instead they store data inside

How to Set Atom IDE as Your Default Filezilla Editor

Atom IDE is a fantastic editor that’s been gaining a lot in popularity. While it still can’t beat Sublime Text when it comes to speed, it does have an amazing GUI based extension and theme system. One of the drawbacks however is that in order


Awesome CSS Examples

With most people, when you want to achieve something you do it the most effective way possible. Not so with geeks and nerds. We’ll spend twice as long doing it a different way just to prove we could. So today I thought we’d look at