Latent Dirichlet Allocation

Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) Explained Simply

You might have heard the term “semantic analysis”, “latent semantic analysis” or even the terrifying “latent dirichlet allocation” (LDA) batted around in conversations with SEO company reps, or by SEO newbies who want to sound smart. It’s a moderately complex topic that’s strikingly undocumented from

SEO Correlation Study Pros & Cons

SEO Correlation Study: Pros & Cons

There seems to be a lot of questions with regard to the validity of the results of SEO correlation studies. In order to understand the studies and use the information shared properly, there is a need to put it in the right context.   The

SEOmoz is now Moz

SEOmoz is now Moz

You don’t have to be in the SEO industry to frequent SEOmoz, even web developers go there to check on new aspects of design they may have to implement at a later date for clients. Additionally, almost any webmaster can find information there to help

google penguin update

Google Penguin 2.0 Goes Live

Just a few hours ago reports started coming in that the Google Penguin 2.0 has gone live. You can read Barry Schwartz’s preliminary post about it at Additionally, an SEO subreddit is had a thread pop up with some pretty interesting comments so far


Awesome CSS Examples

With most people, when you want to achieve something you do it the most effective way possible. Not so with geeks and nerds. We’ll spend twice as long doing it a different way just to prove we could. So today I thought we’d look at

Five Awesome Design-Related Bookmarks

Five Awesome Design-Related Bookmarks

User experience is one of the hottest hot buttons in the web design and inbound marketing industries. Designers love it, developers hate it, the actual audience… well, it’s hit-and-miss. Sometimes the designers nail it, and other times they create something that looks like the Frankenstein