Marketing Abbreviations

Marketing Abbreviations and Acronyms

Over the years we’ve had a lot of questions about the meaning of various internet marketing abbreviations and acronyms, so we decided to put a list together! It’s undoubtedly unfinished, so please, let us know if we’ve missed any.   A/B Testing – In A/B

seo myths that need to die

SEO Myths That Need to Die

You don’t need SEO if your developers/designers did their job. – WRONG! This myth is more common outside of the SEO industry than in, but it doesn’t make it any more correct. I frequently see this argument in discussions where money and SEO are involved,

Data-Driven Persona Development

Data-Driven Persona Development

Trying to sell ballet slippers to 20-30 year old men is a bad idea. That’s pretty easy for anyone to understand. But when someone asks us who our target audience is, what do we say? Do we know the interests and demographics of the audience

How to add your LinkedIn Profile to Your Website

How to add your LinkedIn Profile to Your Website

It can be frustratingly hard to find the information to add your LinkedIn profile badge to your website since most of the search results revolve around the little icons as opposed to actually embedding your profile with image, headline, and other information. Login and go

How to Make Your Blog More Readable

Six Quick Hacks to Make Your Blog More Readable

You’ve crafted a massive post, full of detailed research and game-changing information. Your forehead breaks out in a cold sweat as your trembling finger reaches for the publish button. You quickly wipe your brow and take a deep breath… your post goes live. What happens