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5 Hotel Internet Marketing Trends


One of the things people most want to see when they come to a hotel’s website is how everything looks — what the rooms like, how the grounds look, what kinds of view they can expect. Rather than simply showing pictures, why not create an engaging video showcasing everything your hotel has to offer?

Meta Search Marketing

Expedia conducted a study that found travelers visit travel websites an average of 38 times before making reservations for their trip. Sites like Kayak, Travelocity, and Priceline (also  known as online travel agencies or OTAs) that allow users to look for flights and hotels in one search have become extremely popular with travelers. Although it’s ideal for hotels to get  reservations directly through their website so they don’t have to give OTAs a cut, it’s better to be on meta search sites than it is to not be on them at all. Many people visit OTAs in the initial planning stages of a trip, so maintaining a presence on them helps get their attention early.


About 95% of visitors who click on a “Get Rates/Availability” on a hotel’s website later abandon the process. In many cases, they’re just trying to see your rates so they can compare  your rate to the rates of other hotels. Retargeting is the tactic of tracking a visitor’s behavior on your website so that if they’ve abandoned the reservation process, ads can be targeted toward them reminding them of your hotel. If a guest has entered an e-mail address, you can later send them an e-mail with a special offer to entice them to book with you.

Mobile Marketing

Hotels can no longer afford to ignore mobile device users. As of 2013, 40% of all travel related Internet searches came from mobile devices. Make sure your marketing plan includes plenty of mobile ads and be sure your hotel’s website is optimized for mobile use.

Google+ and Google Carousel

Google+ has become a fantastic way for businesses to get on Google’s radar. Having your hotel’s information such as address and phone number on a Google+ profile makes it easy for Google to include you in local search results or the Google Carousel.

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